Matar ka halwa

It was winter season and we all were in Gorakhpur , Uttarpradesh for a cousin’s wedding. Papa and mamaji went to the market and got 2 sacks of matar along with various other winter vegetables , obviously damn cheap. The haldi ceremony for the bride was about to begin so the house was full of neighbor ladies who happily gathered in the aangan teasing each other singing the folks  songs for haldi ceremony peeled both the sackfuls within half an hour .The fact that it will be consumed same day itself . Nani was curious to make some goodie with it. She called me and whispered to gather few things which was already there being a wedding house. We sneaked away to terrace where a special chullah was kept during winter season. Old wrinkled hands super  soft carefully lit the chullah . Curiously watching her make the matar ka halwa . My eyes shone brightly. “Le bitiya zara chakh ker batai, kahu ko boliyo mati “ the spoonful melted in my mouth while Nani simply rubbing her surti chuna enjoying the winter sun.



1 cup boiled fresh peas

Half cup home made chenna ( koya or milk powder will do)

1/4th cup sugar

1 tablespoon roasted fine rava

1/4th cup desi ghee ( sorry for not included in ingredients pic)

Dry fruits of choice. I have used sliced almonds

Few rose petals. It does enhance the taste.


Roughly grind the boiled peas as shown in picture. Do not make a fine paste.

Heat ghee in a non stick pan. Add roasted rava and slightly fry them. Don’t over fry it since it’s just to add denseness to the dish. Add peas paste and fry on low heat until ghee starts appearing on the sides . Add sugar and cook it. The sugar will easily melt making the peas look darker. Cook it for another 2-3 minutes. Add the chenna/ koya/ milk powder keep stirring until everything comes together and starts leaving sides. Don’t over power it by adding too many dry fruits and cardamom. I have just added sliced almonds and few rose petals only after the dish was ready.

Nani added few fried cashews.

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