Lal mirch ka achaar

Maa always believed sincerity towards any work will help you achieve and that fits perfectly when I try replicate her recipe for stuffed red chilli pickle . Childhood summers were really busy as we weren’t allowed to play in the sun to avoid usual summer health issues. Either we would rise up early mornings and evenings to finish our quota of outdoor games. Afternoons were strictly to be indoors and help maa in making pickles and papads and other summer delights that would be bottled for the whole year. A huge lot for gifting family and friends.  Understanding the combination of spices are key to make any good pickle. Honestly there are no measurements for the spices since it’s all about remembering each spice and how it’s defines the final taste. The tastes which I grew up enjoying each note of pickle symphony has played great role to remember recipes till date. Trying to write it for my blog is like sharing my childhood memories with my readers.

Stuffed chilli pickle



500 gms Fresh red whole chillies

500-600 ml Mustard oil

Half cup black mustard

Half cup yellow mustard

2 tablespoon fenugreek seeds

Half cup saunf/ fennel seeds

4 tablespoon nigela seeds

1 tablespoon carom seeds

1 tablespoon tumeric powder

2 tablespoon red chilli powder

1 teaspoon Hing/ asafetida

2 tablespoon aamchur powder

2-3 tablespoon salt


Wash and dry the chillies under the fan. Make sure you finish the whole process same day.

Fresh red chillies

Slice off the stalk and carefully remove the seeds and nerves inside the chillies making them hollow to fill in the masala. Don’t throw away the seeds. Separate them from veins and allow them to dry up under the fan.

Hollowed red chilli

Carefully pour in little mustard oil in each chilli enough to coat the inside. Allow it to rest until u prepare the masala. I personally prefer doing this as it helps all the flavors to seep in while safegaurding it from going bad.

In a clean and dry grinder blend all the spices in sandy texture (not coarse/fine) keeping aside tablespoon of carom and fennel seeds.

Mix mustard oil making a lightly wet sandy spice mix . My suggestion would be to taste the masala to adjust whatever one prefers to add more. Add the whole carom and fennel seeds to the masala mix. Basically this helps to add character to the pickle. Mix in the chilli seeds. Let it rest for a while.


Carefully stuff the masala inside each hollow chilli. You can use a chopstick to make sure that masala reaches to the tips. Pour in little more oil all over stuffed chillies and bottle it. Cover with a fine cotton cloth and let it soak the sun for couple of days before it’s ready to eat.

I personally prefer aamchur powder enough to add the sour hint since the mustard combination will gradually lead to a more pungent tang as the pickle ages. Mixing in raw mustard oil according to me add a deeper flavor.

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