My city, Thane !

Walk aound the sindhi camp…

Thinking about my roots , which are spread from Rajasthan travelling towards Madhyapradesh and hooking upto Uttarpradesh , My parents lived in Pune , old vashi ( then inhabited by kolis and agris) and finally settled small city called Thane in maharashtra and i was brought amongst kolis , agris , marathis and sindhis. Having lost in the huge cement jungle the city has its unsung history.

While Portuguese ruled thane for some 200 years naming it as “ kalabe De Tana” remains can be still found towards vasai and virar. Marcoplo has visited “Shree Sthanak” in 1290 AD counted it in one of the beautiful cities of the world. Thane was ruled by king Shilahars’ during 13th to 19th Century great devotee of lord Shiva built the famous Kopineshwar Temple which is now hidden in the bustling gullies of oldest wholesale market where trucks of fresh produce and food grains unload each day. You can still  find history peeping through old buildings singing forgotten stories when marathas and britishers ruled. A small walk towards the lake will take to Saint John Baptist Church built in 1633AD and the Peshwas built Thane Killa now used as Thane Central Jail. Peshwas also constructed residential area in the  Kopineshwar Temple premises. From Jews ,Portuguese , marathas , Muslim rulers to british company all have left their mark in this little known city of lakes which also won the BEST CITY AWARD .

What many people know about Thane is the first railways in India started from here till Boribunder on 16th April 1853. The railway bunglows built for British officers still occupy the  space between Thane West and Thane east. 

Post partition many sindhi families fled Sindh and settled in Thane East side and opened up their small eateries , candy shops, bakery. Ganesh Bakery in east thane still plays the important role in supplying pavs to shops and households. I remember standing curiously as a little gal watching each tray of pavs moving in and out of the wood fire oven. Ladies waiting in ques with their nankathai mix ready to be baked in during festivals. There’s also a post partition gurudwara for sindhi sardars. Few yards from gurudwara is the first Sindhi school called Swami Vivekanand School still holds regular classes.

Further , Shiv temple that guards Thane east stands high with bustling market around it. Close to temple is a small sweet shop , named Krishna Sweet Shop, i can still vouch for the jammus ( long gulab jamuns).

Bangali Pattice

Bengali pattice right in the center of main market is such third generation eatery , which serves just ragda pattice from 5-8 pm only. Infact the the present generation Topan (bengali dak naam) was my senior during school time.

Dilip Tokri Chaat

A little walk ahead is Dilip Chaat ,  a LLB postgraduate finds happiness in serving his famous dahi tokri and dahi wadas.

Kailash Falooda

Take a right turn head towards kailash sweets , third generation again selling best falooda. I have been having falooda here since my childhood when it was just small hardly maintained open shop. Their consistency to serve the customers best desserts has marked them as leaders . One needs to stand in que on busy days , opened till 1 am.

There’s still lot more to write …So who says thane is a small town ?? 

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