Labhere ki sabzi

It’s not often that one can find these gummy fruit . Happened to find it in local market on the way meeting few friends. I remember papa buying the complete lot from vegetable vendor since these were , and still are, rare to find. At home everyone loved them since Maa would make them spicy and with a good dust  of aamchur powder and ofcourse goes without saying that a big bharni (ceramic jar) of pickle would be made to meet the cravings for rest of the year.

Papa would make sure to get every possible vegetables and fruits which were more easily available in UP & MP. He wanted us to know the tastes and textures while making us understand how seasonal fruits and vegetables play an important role in our health since mother nature provides them to combat seasonal ailments.

Labhere ki sabzi



500 gms lasore / labhere

2-3 tablespoon oil

2 heaped tablespoon coriander powder

1 heaped tablespoon chilli powder

Half teaspoon turmeric powder

Half teaspoon Hing

1 teaspoon of aamchur ( add more according to taste)

Salt to taste

Salt to get rid of gum


With a heavy rollin pin( belan) or hammer simply crack up the fruits and get rid of the pits. Dust little salt that helps to get rid of excess gum sticking to your hands. ( You can anyways scrub it out , but it’s really very sticky).


Heat the oil in kadhai , add hing and turmeric followed by labhere and salt. Close with a lid and allow it to cook. You can add potatoes along. Add remaining masala including aamchur and bhuno in low flame. Such a simple dish yet full flavors where you can taste each ingredient and also feel the gummy texture of fruit and its taste. I can finish it with simple dal rice .

in process

Lasore/labhera is known for it’s medicinal value as it has anti- inflammatory properties , helps provide relief from cold and cough , no wonder they more available during winter season. The gum actually helps to get rid of skin infections and allergies. However I as a child was more happy to eat the tangy sabzi which I attempted after many years keeping maa’s simple recipe in mind.

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