Kathal fhank ki kulfi

I have beautiful memories of my maternal home in Gorakhpur, UP. I particularly remember a huge jackfruit tree in the backyard which used to bend over the aangan (compound) . As a kid and being the youngest , i always used to be scared that the huge jackfruit might fall on me. Infact, my cousins would scare me often. Mamaji would climb over with a huge knife to get the best ones down. It wasnt easy since the whole tree would be home to dangerous red ants. My nani being the expert, would select one and keep it aside to ripen naturally. We cousins would wait patiently for the day when nani would oul her hands and skillfully cut it open using a sharp knife, to get the meaty chunks out. The whole house used to be filled with a sweet aroma while i would wait for my turn to get a handful. Nani would hide few extra pieces for me though. I remember maa churning an awesome kulfi with over ripe jackfruit back home which used to be the most awaited delight in the summer holidays. The fact that she never used any form of sweetner resulted in it being more creamier. Here is my version of ‘Jackfruit kulfi’ where i have used a little honey.


250 gms seedless jackfruit

750 ml full cream milk

2 tablespoon honey

2- 3 tablespoon khoya

1 teaspoon crushed black pepper ( just to give the hint)

Pinch of tumeric


Ripe Jackfruits


In a thick bottom vessel , start boiling the milk and reduce it on low flame . Stir on regular intervals.

Reduced milk

Add crumbled khoya in the reduced milk. Make sure that milk and khoya mix well. Add pinch of turmeric now for extra sunshine.

Meanwhile in a separate pan boil the deseeded jackfruits just to make them slightly tender. Strain them and blend them in a mixer grinder to make sure smooth paste. Don’t worry if few tiny bits are there. It will help to give a good texture to the kulfi.

Pureed jackfruit

Let the everything come to a room temperature. Mix together reduced milk , the jackfruit puree and honey. Add crushed pepper.

Add honey

Pour the mix in mould and shift it to freezer . It will take 5-6 hours for the kulfi to set.

Creamy kulfi

My reason to add turmeric is purely getting extra golden color. One can add saffron . i dont prefer mixing up too many flavors to maintain the taste of the main ingredient. The crushed pepper , trust me , just adds extra kick to your palate , however you can avoid.

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