Kathal beej chutney

Continuing the jackfruit saga.. the fruit is quite versatile if one knows how to handle, both raw and ripe versions. While raw version can actually work as a mock meat for the vegetarians and is widely used across Asia . The recipes are countless. The abundance of jackfruit around , did give maa ideas which rarely crossed minds of others. So what do we do with these jackfruit seeds? Chalo sabzi banali , achaar banaliya! Papa wouldn’t stop bringing jackfruit until the season was over & done, so maa had to put on her thinking hat and innovate on the fly. She roasted the jackfruit seeds and was born a new chutney (dip). What’s amazing about this chutney is that you can actually substitute the other ingredients retaining jacknut seeds as the star! So let me mix ‘n’ match it with the ingredients available in my kitchen.



15-20 Kathal ( jackfruit seeds)

2-3 tablespoon peanuts roasted ( excess can kill the flavor of seeds)

4-5 Dried red chillies

2 tablespoon mustard seeds

4-5 cloves of garlic

salt to taste

1 teaspoon mustard oil (optional)

water to adjust the consistency


Roast the jackfruit seeds on tava or on charcaol. One can even boil them for 5 minutes , so there is no hard and fast rule how to cook through the seeds. Cooking helps to remove the hard skin easily.


Dry roast mustard, garlic and whole red chillies. Allow all ingredients to cool down.

Blend everything togather adding salt and little water to make fine chutney. you might find few coarse seeds of mustard and chillies , thats absolutely fine . Lastly add the mustard oil to extra kick .

Since i had roasted peanuts already i used them directly. One can dry roast raw peanuts or kopra (dried coconut) or sesame seeds for different variations. Make sure that the flavors of the main ingredients is maintained.

Published by uma isabel

Home chef, Foodwriter & Event Manager

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