Beej ka halwa

While many go crazy about mangoes in summer season , i really look forward for fully ripened sweet jackfruits. My fridge is already storing more than 2 kg of sunny sweet delights . Obviously, a good lot of seeds get accumulated and there are endless recipes like my maa’s jacknut chutney. Understanding the non-gluten properties of the jack pebbles , i could think of a nutritious jacknut halwa and was amazed with the final dish. Honestly i realized that the DNA of my experimental maa has surely passed on to me .



15-20 boiled jacknuts

4-5 tablespoon milk

2 tablespoon regular sugar(honey/brownsugar/date syrup)

2-3 tablespoon ghee

2 tablepoon khoya

1 tablespoon poppy seeds

1 teaspoon rose essence

Dried fruits of choice


Remove the thick non-edible skin of the boiled jacknuts and grind in a blender . It should be of grainy texture not very fine.

Grainy jacknuts

In a non-stick pan , heat 2 tablespoon ghee and add poppy seeds. Lightly fry them and add the grainy jacknuts . Keep the fire low and throughly bhuno the jacknuts without being hasty. Patience is key while cooking such delicate recipes. One needs to maintain the flavours without over cooking it.

Once the mix is light brownish , add the khoya and further bhuno till little ghee starts separating.

Now add 2 tablespoons milk and stir it continuously. Add another 2 tablespoons milk and sugar , stir well until everything comes togather well. Add another 1 tablespoon ghee for final touchup.

Add nuts of choice. I added almonds flakes , pistachios and dried berries. Add rose essence which, again is my choice , one can use cardamon powder. It all depends on preferences.

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Home chef, Foodwriter & Event Manager

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