Peanut chutney … vada pav ki jaan

Being a thanekar or largely as Mumbaikar, I feel Bombay turns into Mumbai when we grab a piping hot vadapav. From rich to poor everyone lives on it. Honestly I believe it gives tough competition to any food in Mumbai. Each area has it famous vadapav wala who has his/her own chutney and vadapav lovers actually swear by the chutney that is stuffed along the vada. During college days , we often visited other campuses just to grab the famous vadapav . Students hold huge credit accounts with the vadapav walas who actually remembers each account just by looking at student’s faces while he may not even know the name of the students . The fact he would still happily take pride in talking about students who might still hold “udhaar” whenever students return as alumni and without fail go visit him.

For me , vadapav the last thing I would eat mainly coz I miss the real vadapav chutney . Somehow it’s actually disappeared and replaced by oily bits of deep fried batter of vada . The chutney is the star of any vada pav and I really miss it these days…😍😍 The chutney should have right crunch of toasted peanut , right amount of garlic and whole red chilles. You just cannot add chilli powder coz the texture changes completely. The dry coconut is just to lift up the combinations.



100gms peanuts

5/6 whole red spicy chillies

1/2 byadgi /kashmiri red chillies (optional for color)

5/6 cloves of garlic

Inch of dried coconut sliced

Salt to taste


I roasted the peanuts in microwave that helps to get rid of the skin. It’s ok if few don’t peel off. Dry roast dry coconut and whole red chillies on low flame. Let everything cool at room temperature.

Grind the coconut, garlic and chillies first and then add the peanuts grinding it coarsely. Remove it in a container and add salt.

This can be stored in fridge for long time.

Many do add toasted sesame seeds but I skip it coz then that’s another combination depending upon the region….for now im happy to grind my very own authentic vada pav chutney

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