3Cs (Tamale)

Its almost rainy season in Mumbai and sudden showers get me in a nostalgic mood. I remember the days when me and hubby dated. We both would rush to meet each other post our offices at meeting joint which was close to my college. The sudden showers would really bring us close trying to tuck in a single umbrella just enjoy hot spicy corn cob !! Well those were the days when romance was simple being together for a couple of hours and not seeing each other until the next opportunity or proper planning. Heading home after those romantic moment would give us enough breather until we meet next. As we celebrate our 23rd of marriage this year..the romance still exist but in a different form…like nudging and nagging each other for every bit yet want to be around all the time…so has the corn cob…fresh golden kernels that are sweet and tender like our love , has evolved in various recipes reminding me of the many rains that whispered while we got busy bringing up our children. Trying new recipes and tweaking few from mom’s kitchen. Tamale is one such recipe which I saw on TV after already had tried myself without knowing it really exist. So this is my version of fresh steamed corn kernels with chicken and cheese !



1 cup fresh corn kernels

Wash & pat dry the corn husk

1 cup coarse corn flour (makai atta)

Few cloves of finely chopped garlic

1 cup diced boneless chicken

2-3 tablespoon of small diced carrot. You can add any veg of choice

2-3 tablespoon chopped corriander leaves

1 teaspoon coarse pepper

1 cup cheese

Few pickled red chillies

Salt to taste

Water to steam


Coarsely grind the kernels. Add the remaining ingredients minus cheese. Meanwhile ready the steamer.

The kernel and corn flour mix with chicken

Place the mix on the husk and sprinkle cheese on top as shown in the picture.

Mix on corn husk with cheese

Place the corn husk loaded with mix inside the steamer. Allow it to cook for 5-7 minutes. Prick the chicken to check if cooked . Carefully remove and serve it with pickled chillies or sauce of your choice.

Steaming 3Cs

Best part of this dish is one can experiment with various ingredients keeping corn as star.

Published by uma isabel

Home chef, Foodwriter & Event Manager

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