Corn kernels burfi

Recently started my diet , obviously to lose all that i put on coz food obsession..which means majorly staying away from sweets which is a real challenge for me. Being really addicted to all kinds of sweet I need to find out something that is sweet yet healthy. Indian sweets can be really delightful since we can create awesome dishes from ingredients which usually relate with savory items. This time I choose fresh corn kernels as my main ingredient adding chenna as protein content and dates to give that sweet punch…I’m a satisfied soul after 2-3 corn and dates burfi..yesss absolutely divine !!



1 cup pureed fresh corn kernels (do not add water)

Half cup fresh homemade chenna (cottage cheese crumbled)

5-6 irani dates chopped

2-3 tablespoon ghee

1-2 tablespoon milk (if required)

Finely chopped nuts (optional , i havent used it)


Heat a nonstick pan and gently warm the ghee . Do not heat it at high temperature. Add corn puree , make sure its gently getting cooked and ghee starts separating.  

Add the finely mashed chenna and incorporate in the puree. Add milk if you feel that the mix is dry. Add chopped dates and mix well.

Remove the mix  in a square container and spread it evenly as shown in the picture. Let it sit for an hour. Cut into desired pieces.

burfi mix setting

Honestly,  this recipe stirred up while on my evening walks. One can always tweak the recipe by replacing chenna with khoya and adding honey or brown sugar instead of dates. I always feel that the flavors of main ingredient should be the hero of any recipe , so I avoid adding aromatic spices like cardamon or nutmeg.

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