Real pav bhaji, that was once synonymous with Mumbai street food

I remember whenever I travelled up North, my relatives would often ask me about pav bhaji and how keen they were to taste it whenever they would get a chance to visit BOMBAY. Given it’s fame, variants had reached every corner of the country, with localised tweaks and adjusting the taste to suit the localContinue reading “Real pav bhaji, that was once synonymous with Mumbai street food”

Ulhasnagar Chaliha Sahib

The history of Thane always amazes  me which bring me to a new chapter of Ulhasnagar, which was originally known as Kalyan camp, especially made to accommodate thousands of soldiers and military officers during World War II. The camp consisted of  2126 barracks and around 1173 homes of military personals. The deserted camps later became homesContinue reading “Ulhasnagar Chaliha Sahib”

Falooda..dessert of deserts

Falooda …yessss it’s basically love disguised as dessert. You always go back for more to greedily grab up the whole plate. I’m one such annoying person who can eat away the second lot too without any guilt.  I love the sindhi style falooda since you can enjoy the thicker version with all the goey varietiesContinue reading “Falooda..dessert of deserts”

Peanut chutney … vada pav ki jaan

Being a thanekar or largely as Mumbaikar, I feel Bombay turns into Mumbai when we grab a piping hot vadapav. From rich to poor everyone lives on it. Honestly I believe it gives tough competition to any food in Mumbai. Each area has it famous vadapav wala who has his/her own chutney and vadapav loversContinue reading “Peanut chutney … vada pav ki jaan”

Mirch achari chicken

Summers are known for making pickles and preserves especially India where we find large varieties of seasonal vegetables which aren’t easily available during rest of the year. The red chillies are one of such variety of chillies which are available between March and April. After having made a huge lot of stuffed red chilli pickleContinue reading “Mirch achari chicken”