The story of gujiya

Childhood memories often get rekindled during festivals, this being the best time when we hear folktales relating to each festival, the intricate rituals around it, the elaborate food and feasts prepared to celebrate it. While my friend recently asked me the significance of gujiya during Holi, for that instant I had no answer. Going backContinue reading “The story of gujiya”

My city, Thane !

The khatairn shop….. Little did I knew I was growing amongst the refugees family as neighbors who fled Sindh (Pakistan) searching new life in free India. Heard stories of pain losing everything to partition and determination to rebuild their lives. All my friends were (still are) sindhis including neighbors. Growing up with sindhis all aroundContinue reading “My city, Thane !”

Komal saol rice salad

After attending Foodadvisor Delhi meet in December , I returned home with few goodies that were exchanged as gifts by team. Komalsaol was one such wonder rice that puspanjalee got for all the team members. Having heard little about it, im surely doing more research while indulging the pack of goodness which im excited aboutContinue reading “Komal saol rice salad”